Ultima Pool Care Products

When you’re looking for reliable pool and spa products that are powerful enough to solve existing problems and prevent new ones, try the Ultima™ brand, a unique line of specialty products for swimming pool and spa care. Now including Salt Solutions by Ultima™ salt water products, the Ultima™ line offers easy-to-use products for any pool or spa where the owner wants to spend more time enjoying the water than maintaining it!

Clear by Nature Clarifier
Ultima« Clear by Nature clarifier clears cloudy water and improves filter efficiency. This product creates clear water by coagulating dirt, oil, and scum so it can be easily filtered out of your pool water. The main ingredient in Ultima« Clear by Nature clarifier is a natural polymer that grabs suspended particles and removes them from the water. Ultima« Clear by Nature clarifier is compatible with all sanitizers. It is biodegradable, lasting 5 to 7 days in water.
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